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Thanks for this Anet.


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@Dragoth.7153 said:Can we make a petition to remove necromancer class from the game? It was and will be useless forever.

No. We only need balanced professions and solid trait's theme who can't prevent good dps.

Seems like the choice to run glassy and deal high damage or be tanky, you know, like solid dps lines without plenty of junk minor traits who "improves" survivability or just do something unnecessary only to gutter every possible dps improvement with excuses like tanky professions can't have good dps.

First step to make a professions competitive could be to get rid of garbage minor traits (once you select the line you can't change it) that lower performances.

Ex. Spite (core trait line for power builds)Death's Embrace is a minor trait that stack the most common and easiest condition to cap (but only on foes under 33% hp) and increase your dps.. when downed. Just wow.

A good thing recently happened was the change to Cold Shoulder for example.Passive damage reduction on traits should only exist in a "bunker" trait line and Death Magic still exist for the ones who seek survivability.

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