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Mastery Point Hint "Your current ability is fully trained and ready to master!"

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Can someone explain to me why this mastery point notification is somethin you can not turn off. Please do not say "just spend the points" I understand that point fully. I am currently on the last tier of pact commander, and tier 1 of legendary. I want to save mastery points for pact commander, however every time I hit something this reminder goes off., (Literally every time I get even a little xp). Mastery points can be a pain to earn so I am getting super annoyed by this stupid notification. Is there any way to turn it off.

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OP you can't do anything about it, people mentioned it many times but ANet doesn't care. I had the same problem recently, I had exp maxed on every track and I constantly had the popup telling me to spend my points but I was saving them for another mastery.In the end I played with that shit for hours until I finished some LW2 achievements and got enough mastery points to buy what I wanted first.

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