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Is it possible to gett into pvp in 2020?

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So yeah. I'm VERY late to the party. I has been playing GW2 for like 2 years and only now I'm thinking about trying to get into pvp, directly into ranked most likely. I only played some unranked games when I started to I get a very basic understanding of the game mode, and that's it. I'm not asking whether it is worth to get into pvp, but if it's is possible, or how hard it is. I've seen this forum being 50% complaining that the mode is dead, and 50% complaining that any given class is OP and needs a buff at the same time, yet still I want to try with a fresh mind of a new player.

The game is quite old and probably a lot of people playing ranked modes are people with a lot of experience I obviously lack, and unless I'll get stuck in entry lvl rank I will inevitably meet some them. My question is how do I get a grasp how the pvp meta works? I mean... I could just pick a metabattle build and try to yolo it, but I think that I wouldn't be improving to much that way. Are there any resources or things I need to know about pvp world, other classes, how to fight them I will have to learn on my own, or just playing the game should be good enough over time? I ask this as I have some experience in fighting games, where it is very common to just 'lab' everything about both your character and every character you might have to play against, so I wonder how to apply similar things in MMO team pvp game.

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Ok as someone who started GW2 in 2020 and just got into PvP in the last month, I guess I can comment. I only just got into ranked and it's been fun. I get ranked, I have a rating and (I think) I play people around the same rating Yes, I'm only silver 3. Big deal. My goal is enjoyment, not hitting the top ranks. That comes with time and practice. Or not- I might just suck forever. But I will also say, the lower ranks hold less stress and very little toxicity.

If you want it for reward purposes, then I can't really comment. If you want to do it for fun, then just give it a shot- there's nothing to lose, so why not?

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Silver 3 is like the bottom of it all since Bronze is just people that are with Decay status.A wild but pretty close guess would be like this:Silver > Don't know how to play yetGold > Can play their class but don't know how to play the gamemode.Low Plat > They're evolving, know a little bit of rotations and looking at the mapMid plat > Players that are competitive and actually tryingHigh plat/legendary are just duo q mid plats that plays the minimum games possible to stay high rank on off hours where there is no competition

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Yes, it is absolutely very possible to get into GW2 PvP even in 2020. Depending on your experience witch Gw2 combat and pvp in general you can get into it quite fast.

Its hard to put a number on the hours it will take. That can differ greatly depending on how efficent you practise, how much you already know, your learning capacity etc.And especially at what level you say that you are are in an acceptable state.If you have a fighting game background you should be fine and be able to pick it up like any other fighting game.

The main difference would be that Gw2 is not really combo oriented and you can run away and camp relatively unresticted. The art of running away is actually a skill you need as staying alive is more important than getting kills in certain situations. You might want to practise that in wvw or in unranked as ppl will get super mad at you should you "kite" them over the whole map for some sightseeing they didnt know they signed up for. ?

There are some good videos on Youtbe (Mighty Teepot made one in spring if you dont mind a british accent ?) for complete beginners if you want to get started and just hopp in.As in a lot of PvP games Knowledge is power, knowing exactly what your opponent can and cannot do might arguably be more important than knowing what your class can and cannot do.Therfore you have to learn up to 8 classes on a basic level in order to play PvP properly. (then again this is developrd naturally over time. Just ask your duell partners what you can do better or how they killed you)

Each class has certain tricks you can train on your own, against NPC and Golems. your sustain rotation can be trained against the practise Lord in HotM.and the next best thing is the 1v1 arenas (there arent always opponents there though)

The freeforall Arena in HotM is a little inconistent because there are a lot of ppl on the map. Ther is more skillag and things like stealth are extra good there becaue the character modell will not load in time and therefore you do not see animations etc.

And of course you can visit empty servers to familiarise yourself with all the maps. There are also various no port spots and shortcuts (jumps) you can use to kite. if you watch for example valluns videos you know a lot of them from just a few games.idk if ther is a list or a guide to all the maps somewhere xd.

Finally, I want to say that there is a lack of ppl that go into 1v1 arenas. If you are looking to play hardcore you will have to play unranked or ranked to get practise.

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Sorry for the negative responds. A lot of frustration has grown in the PVP community. On the other hand, good to read some optimistic ones like @QuirkyDM.2351 and @"Alabastrum.9361"!

So you specifically do not want to know "whether it is worth it". I would still recommend it, but give you some prior warnings (don't tryhard, expect bad people getting carried etc.). You asked only as to whether it is still porrible.

And here I have to say: It definitely is. GW2 is one of/the most beginner friendly MMO for PVP I know. No need to farm armor, no builds, no skills. Just create a char, jump into PVP and have fun. Immediately, getting started is no issue. This is one major advantage, which also lets you experience every class quickly and easily, which in turn helps with finding enjoyable classes/builds and how to fight others.

Of course you will need to get used to the pace from long time players, learn rotations and which skill looks how and predict maneuvers. As was mentioned already, watching some vids and (sometimes) reading the chat for suggestions will help.

Ranked is actually better to learn than unranked: While both share basically the same matchmaker, unranked is much less strict with rating differences. In unranked it might happen that you play with and against top players even in your first games (in bad cases/off-hours). In ranked you quickly reach your average ranking, get better matchs and can still climb slowly when you get better. There will still be unfair matches, but unranked is much more unreliable.

But the accessability is still the main advantage in GW2 PVP. So there is no real drawback if you just give it a try! :smile:(Well. Apart from toxicity, but I see more and more people being quite positive. Some players are still simply... well... behaving like children, including top players.)

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It is fully possible to get into sPvP - at any point in time in GW2. The game mode is highly accessible - and as long as you ignore (or preferably block) people as SOON as they start to get salty/toxic, you'll have an excellent time (key point DO NOT engage with toxic people. Block, report if you feel it is worth reporting, and move on with your day).

I'd also recommend finding a chill (and positive) sPvP guild (shameless plug for the guild I'm in, PM me in game if you are ever interested). Having a consistent community that you know if nice to turn to is always great. Guilds can also help you get into the game, provide you with partners to que with, help you with builds, all that good stuff. (Another key point - if the guild is too try-hard, doesn't help you out, mocks you for needing help, etc. - they aren't worth joining).

There is a vocal minority (the ones who aren't playing and are too busy on the forums and Mists map chat talking #2) who tries to dissuade people from joining PvP and are generally pretty toxic. Ignore them. Block and move on, they aren't worth engaging with either. Most people are out there having fun in their matches.

As far as how the meta works, builds are pretty much balanced at the moment. You've got support builds, condition builds, power builds. . .most builds tend to have a few forms of CC in them - which is incredibly useful in team fights. To make a build, I usually start with what I had in PvE then tweak it slowly as I notice what I need in PvP. You can also start with a metabattle build and then slowly tweak it depending on what you feel like you need to survive.

Another thing to learn (just as important as your build) is rotation. Most ranked and tournament PvP is a point capture mode. Learning which points to go to and when is invaluable. For that, just look up PvP point rotations on google or play for a bit until you get a feel for it.

Let me know if you ever need assistance getting into it (or want a fun guild to play with, second shameless plug)! There are also some good youtube videos out there. Just remember that there is a learning curve - don't get discouraged if you lose. Figure out what you could do to get better and try again.

A good exercise to do is to always analyze what you did wrong after a match that you lose. It helps you focus on how to improve - rather than lamenting the fact that you lost. Just my 2 cents on that though.

Otherwise, yeah! 2020, 2021, 2022, etcetera - it is always possible to get into sPvP! There are plenty of people willing to help out.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy yourself!

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Ranked is full of cheating, literal hacking, too many bots & alts = too much match manipulation

Unranked is fine if you want to mess around, no one cheats in unranked or cares to farm it with bots

ATs or Automated Tournaments are the only way to get fair competitive games anymore.

In other words, avoid Ranked. Like seriously.. you have no idea what you're walking into. Just avoid Ranked mode completely.

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Yes it’s definitely possible. But please do a little research and use actual PvP builds from metabattle or godsofPvP dot com.

Over 50% of the player base doesn’t even use these builds and play the exact same build they use in PvE.

So I would say jump right in with a build from either those websites and you will already be in gold 1-2 And better than half of the current community.

I think most competitive players only want you to do your best and play the entire match. Believe me, there are lots of cry babies that AFK as soon as they lose 1 fight.

If I had to choose, I would rather have some one that’s brand new to the game rather than one of these incompetent players that just AFK for no reason. It’s entirely possible to come back from a game where you are behind 100 points and Win !

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theres no reason to take gw2 pvp seriously. either make a semi try hard build that is fun and similar to a meta build, or a meme build that is funner and just mess around. remember to ignore the people that yell at their team to try harder, they are living in an alternate reality and its pointless to try and communicate with them unless you want to troll. somehow those can travel through spacetime.

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I don't recommend Ranked, but if everything else sounds boring to you, and you for sure want to play it here's a quick guide:Step 1) I personally recommend an item called [Flask of Blood Whiskey] it's about 20 copper on the TP. Trust me, you're going to need it.

Step 2) Look up some videos, posts, etc on how to play your role in conquest. There are roles in this game regardless of what people say(Roamer, Side-noder, Support, DPS.)You want to fit your role well to avoid being the roamer 1v1ing a bunker on home for 15 minutes, or the support doing the same on an enemy node while not doing any supporting. You'll also want to know how to properly play conquest.

Step 3) Metabattle and GodsofPvp are good sources for the meta builds, but you don't have to follow that word for word. The Meta is more like guidelines than actual rules, and its up to you whether or not you want to copy it, incorporate some elements into your build, or create your own thing entirely. Just remember that imagination is a mixed blessing.

Step 4) After your builds are set, experiment with classes in Unranked until you find the ones you like the most because those are probably the ones you'll be playing in Ranked I imagine. By this point you should have a fair amount of experience from videos and fighting other classes in Unranked to understand how to fight what.

Step 5[Optional]) DuoQ. If you want to play Ranked to win, then DuoQ. Make up for unfair matchmaking and lack of skill with the ultimate metagaming crutch. DuoQ.If you enjoy things such as:•Insisting on bowling with bumpers when everyone else chooses gutters•Or... Being an adult and putting in way too much effort into Laser tag at your friend's 8 year old son's birthday partyThen DuoQ might be right for you, and you can enter Ranked. Otherwise move on to step 6.

Step 6) Enter Ranked and ?? That the matchmaker didn't stick you with bots, afks, or dc's? That the matchmaker didn't put a high-level DuoQ on the other team, because; after 10 minutes of not being able to find any others, you're a real target for them. And there are very few others for them to contend with.? That you didn't finally find a good game that was reaaaaally close and reaaaaally fun, only to have it ruined by getting +7 or -21 rating for it. Nothing says "gg close" like having to win 3 more games just like it to make up for losing 1.

Hope this helped. Good luck, namaste, and have fun!

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Pvp is super fun, I would not recommend this forum to see how pvp is, there are many people with passion for pvp, but most are not looking into the forum, because this is the biggest clown Fiesta in pvp.

It's a super fun game mode, we're you can get to your limits, Try metabattle, goddsofppv builds, try your own ideas, mess with things arround, you are not bound to such meta stuff as it is in raids, people come sometimes up with crazy wild builds and ideas, and it can work (if you are able to play it) play ranked games when you are able to, don't mind to your rank to much, mostly its deserved but if you are now silver or gold or Plat is not necessary, just have fun.

The biggest thing in this game is EU and NA server, na has not that much people Than eu. Matchmaking could go pretty weird (sometimes on eu too) also bots, toxicity and hackers (that's a really rare thing) are more on Na present than on eu

BUT on na is way more build diversity (probably because less good people.

Try it out have fun, and maybe look at the "welcome to pvp" discord it's a pretty friendly and helpful discord

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@otto.5684 said:It would be better if you stick to unranked for a bit. Play something you like. When you feel confident that you can do okay, then consider ranked. I would generally say, if you cannot win half the games you play, it is not wise to play ranked.

Unranked will teach you literally nothing, worst suggestion ever lol

Play rank and don't take the game seriously at all or you will end up like the rest of us, jaded and full of hate.

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All this talk about ranked vs. unranked- you have to play unranked for 50+ games before you hit ranked anyway. By then you should know what to expect. If you don't like the game mode by then, I don't think ranked will make it any better.

(minor correction to above post- I guess I'm silver 1, not silver 3? I'm closer to gold than bronze- still makes me bad, just didn't know the nomenclature)

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