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Is it possible to gett into pvp in 2020?

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You can even get good in a short period of time

I think your main go right now is getting close to 1300 rating to stay away from toxic players and bots

As soon as i get home I'll post things i used to get there and try to gather basic information about the game mode that is all scattered throught forums

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Yes, pvp is more fun at lower tiers anyway. Some people get really triggered in Plat+. Afking games on one lost mid fight, etc. But if you have a good attitude, and enjoy the mechanics, it's quite fun.

I'm less enthralled than I was in the past, due to certain class mechanics being less enjoyable, and balance issues, and most of all, that I've been playing for almost 8 years. So I'm a bit tired. I certainly don't grind seasons anymore. Still only 4 games into placement, but having fun each time I feel like hoping on.

Don't be discouraged by vocal complainers. The mode is not in as good shape as it once was, but if you're a total noob, it's really fun to see what works and what doesn't.

Important Tips:-Pay a lot of attention to the minimap. You should generally know where all 5 enemies are at all times, same with your allies obviously, but that's easier. Enemies appear on the minimap when they are near your allies. Count them out and keep track. It'll change everything once you get the habbit down.-Avoid outnumbered fights. While you're learning, lean heavily on this basic concept of strategy. Try to outnumber your enemy, but never fight when you're outnumbered. Check the minimap and meet back up with your teamates.-On respawn (outside of certain roaming classes like thief) head to your home base before heading to the mid fight. You can avoid this rotation if you have a solid position for all 5 enemies, but if you don't see one, check your home base and make sure it's not being capped.-If the game gets weird, where you have an enemy/ies, always hitting your home and camping it, it's okay to abandon it until the enemy leaves it. Usually these enemies have builds tailored to fight outnumbered, and will force more than 1 player back to defend. In these cases, it's better to outnumber the rest of the map and ignore these people. But it's easier said than done.-Learn defensive rotations and positions where you can get away from your enemy. (Some places where people can't teleport to, etc exist on the map, and will serve as places you can escape to in a pinch.-Rotations are more important than just about anything. You'll need many games to get used to making the 'right' decision, but of course we all make mistakes. Do I decap far or help mid? In time, it'll become clear.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy yourself. I'm hoping for balance changes one day, and that the next round of elite specs don't make things even worse, but honeslty, as far as MMO's go, the pvp in this game is still good. I usually make my own builds, as you learn better that way, as you tweak it, but you can visit metabattle to get started on viable builds.

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Ofc you can.

You can get basically anything to like top100 if youre willing to learn.

The only thing you cant get is the tournament prizes with organized teams, there you go against +5 years veterans, with talent and skrim practice.

yes, youll lose and be called trash a lot, but you got a lot of guides now so you can learn faster if you like the challenge.

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I'll try to bring you things that worked for me when I was silver, after this i almost instantly went from silver 3 to gold 2.

https://www.godsofpvp.net/ Go to guides section and read it all, very helpful when you learning game basics

Those two vídeos are like a must watch for begginers

try to understand what role you playing and where i should be in the map most time, this "detail" took me from silver 3 to gold 2 in like a week, at the time I was playing defense spellbreaker which is a duelist, but i would always go mid, had all my stunbreaks eaten in 2 secs and die, when i learned i should be 1v1 most time i just started winning 70% of my games till i reached gold 2.

Shorts was also very important to my evolution at the time https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe9CyX6v4tsPl0nde0Mn43ghe has a lost of educational content and he also streams and he is willing to answer questions most of the time

one of the most important steps is to find ppl that play the class you playing and are better than you


most builds here have a streamer suggestion somewhere in the page

watch streams is better than watch videos, cuz videos are mostly highlights

streamers are usually friendly to questions

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If yu are going in with the mindset of just dipping yur toes, go for it.It can even be fun.

If yu are going in trying to be top 100, best players, and gain recognition, give up now.It's not worth the headache trying to climb, no matter how yu good yu are.

The game just becomes unenjoyable once yu start trying hard to win and climb.Then we have Anet's balance strategy of, well, not balancing anything which adds another layer of frustration.

And then we have bots. And hackers. And win traders.

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@Zychuu.7294 said:So yeah. I'm VERY late to the party. I has been playing GW2 for like 2 years and only now I'm thinking about trying to get into pvp, directly into ranked most likely. I only played some unranked games when I started to I get a very basic understanding of the game mode, and that's it. I'm not asking whether it is worth to get into pvp, but if it's is possible, or how hard it is. I've seen this forum being 50% complaining that the mode is dead, and 50% complaining that any given class is OP and needs a buff at the same time, yet still I want to try with a fresh mind of a new player.

The game is quite old and probably a lot of people playing ranked modes are people with a lot of experience I obviously lack, and unless I'll get stuck in entry lvl rank I will inevitably meet some them. My question is how do I get a grasp how the pvp meta works? I mean... I could just pick a metabattle build and try to yolo it, but I think that I wouldn't be improving to much that way. Are there any resources or things I need to know about pvp world, other classes, how to fight them I will have to learn on my own, or just playing the game should be good enough over time? I ask this as I have some experience in fighting games, where it is very common to just 'lab' everything about both your character and every character you might have to play against, so I wonder how to apply similar things in MMO team pvp game.

It's perfectly okay to get into PvP. Anyone who has played a 1v1 game like RTS or fighting games will have no problem as they're used to training. Most of the people you see complaining in this thread don't put in any effort and then complain when they lose so just ignore them.

Try things out and learn from your mistakes. Copying a meta build will be the slowest method for learning. After a few weeks you'll be better than the majority of players if you actually try.

Majority of players just play and don't know what abilities from other classes do. If you want to learn them all you just need a single character slot. Create a new character, mess around in unranked and then delete it to create a new character.

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Eeeh, small update.

I played some ranked. Got placed at the very beginning of Gold1. Finished around a 100 games fluctuating around that silver-gold border back and forth with a win ratio of about 50% which seems fair enough. Got some gold and shards and reward track stuff on the way. It wasn't that much compared to other activities in game, but it was still cool and at least something more compared to for example WvW, other PvP mode in te game.


Yeah. The mode feels just soo... soulless. Best you can get is people just doing what they can in silence. Worst you will get a crykids who flame right after 1st interaction or just go afk after one bad teamfight. With a bunch of bots wandering the map pointlessly doing hardly anything sprinkled in the middle. Yeah. I don't care whether "it gets better" or worse if I were to climb further. It doesn't seem worth it if Anet doesn't care enough to properly punish both bots and afks.

I guess I'll just keep progressing daily The Ascension achievements because that's like the only interesting thing you can get from pvp which takes more that a lot of direct grind I will be able to do when I feel like it. Other than that, the gamemode seems neglected and because of that doesn't seem worth the hassle on it's own. Unfortunate, I like pvp modes in online games, but I guess Gw2 is not the game I'm looking for. Especially considering that WvW is also not really in a good shape for similar neglection reasons.

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Kind of agree with your feeling here. Few people communicate openly and positively at the same time. It happens, but very very rarely. You can of course always take the first steps and say hello, explain some short strategies or ideas and throw in some jokes here and there. I try that when I am in the mood - not saying people join in very often, but sometimes someone does. :tongue:

You are perfectly correct in your assumption about a neglected gamemode of course. Anet refuses to promote positivety, frustrates many long term players with a lack of balance patches and generally does a lot of - yes, I am that strict - bad decisions changewise. Hardly any really new maps and modes add up to that.

Try to have fun, take it easy and just do dailies. :smile: The fights can be fun as long as you don't take it too seriously and you will have cases of nice matches with happy teammates.

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I got into sPvP this year because of the Legendary Amulet Transcendence. I had the worst attitude going in because I was angry at the fact I had to PvP to get the amulet. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed the game mode and now have stayed long past getting my amulet.

I started out at rank 1 and now I'm 52. I quickly became a G3 to P1 player but mostly G3. Sure I get tilted here and there mostly because of AFKers but most times I can just focus on getting better myself. You can only control yourself. One thing I do suggest is block anyone that has an overly negative attitude towards anyone. I figure its just a matter of time before they turn their aggressiveness towards you.

But to answer the original question. Yes you can if you go into it with an open mind and know that you will lose and it is okay to do so. Once you get better the wins will come.

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