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Egged and Toilet Papered

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I would just wish, that anet would add more use for the tons of garbage, that you still get from trick and treat bags like every years ...

Why can#t they just add some kind of vendor npc, which trades you seomthign good and useful in for say all of these useless Eggs, Toilet papers, Potions for X Tranforms, all the various Halloween Food Items that are mosly obsolete, because there exists just better stuff you can craft, than this garbage that fills your inventory only up and can#t be used for anything else..

Can't there be not simply some kind of Halloween Bag Loot Eater Item, that eats up randomly all kinds of halloween loot items for your inventory and turns the stuff randomly into somethign more useful, like rarely bags of coins, luck essences, crafting materials ranging between tier 1-5, lodestones, ect

And Anet should please remove the tier 7 craftign stuff fro mthe loot list (dragonite, empyreal, bloodstone dust.. the game lets os loot this stuff already more then enough from just salvaging items, ect and doing just normal game content, we don#t need this crap also as loot from festival items, which should give us instead maybe some kind of festival related currency item or so with that we can buy us if we have enough if it also sooner or alter the stuff, which has super ultra rare drop chances...like the candy corn cobs.. trick and treat backs shoudl have some relative good chances to drop there also every now and then, or you should have sme chance to get thse in return from using that propose halloween loot eater item that shoudl help us with inventory management from all this tons of halloween loot you still get flooded with, if you get to open up just a few douzens of tot bags >.>

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