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I want protection


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I want protection for my barriers.

We get some protection on wells, when traited.

we get barrier with scourge, we can trait to get more and hit more people. I want a trait that gives us a short protection buff when applying barrier. Something to differentiate us from just damage absorption, to more damage reduction. This helps in making barrier for necro more impactful and GROUP supporting, as well as going with the flavor of scourge - a trait that makes the sand protect the person it's on, and goes with the concentration we get with shades anyway.

for now i think sand savant should apply 1 second of protection when barrier is applied to anyone. this lets us get it only with traits and makes barrier stronger. You could even reduce the healing power scaling of barrier by 33% to compensate.

Sand Savant:You can summon only one shade at a time. This greater shade has reduced recharge. You affect more targets and influence a larger area with Shade skills. In addition, you empower your barriers to envelop your allies better and apply protection to them.

Number of Increased Targets: 2Recharge Reduced: 33%Radius Increase: 120Barrier - 2 second protection (2 second internal CD)

this goes along with the same % of protection that we get with wells (well of blood traited = 24 second CD with 5sec protection = 20% protection to cast time ratio) and goes along with the untraited CD of sand cascade. The internal CD helps us not put out large amounts of unlimited prot front loading. So we wont be able to hit F2, sand flare and desert empowerment to stack 6 seconds of protection real fast.

This allows us to time our barrier in steady amounts, put out might, protection and extra health and allows for a proactive damage reduction abilities in the scourge support trait line. If prot is too much then how about regeneration? 3 seconds of regeneration?

If protection on wells and barrier is too much, you could always remove protection from wells and add barrier to it.

This also fixes the issue of agony in fractals since you wont have to worry about barrier scaling with AR if it also pulses out prot.

Admitedly this might not be good for pvp or wvw, but then again, especially in wvw, guards and elle's are putting out so many buffs it wont matter to much now that spellbreakers and other scourges can just take the prot off anyway.

TLDR: more boons in top scourge line

  • Abrasive gift : barrier no longer removes conditions but adds 3 seconds of regeneration
  • Desert empowerment : barrier heals for 5% of its applied amount.
  • Sand savant : barrier adds 2 seconds of protection (2 second ICD) -This is in line with wells protection at 20% durration to cooldown, on untraited (8sec CD) sand cascade.
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100% boon duration being able to apply barriers protection and regen while using blood traited wells to help cover protection gaps amd actually bring HEAVY support would be nice. While it would not be wanted due to no group damage buffs this would be a cool addition. But will never happen.

On that note, boon duration should affect the amount of time before barriers degrade.

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Imo, giving this to Sand Savand will just make it more dominant over the other 2 traits. If adding more support(protection or that 5% healing) to a trait, imo, should be at Desert Empowerment. Sand Savant is in a good spot for me, demonic lore should get some attention to be competitive with it, maybe removing that 3cd from the trait activation. The third trait... I really dont have idea of how devs could change it. Maybe something related to the sands CD?

I like the condi removal from Abrasive gift, it makes the trait ofensive, with the might, and defensive with the condi cleanse, that works on allies too. Maybe adding regeneration with all the other bonuses but it will make it really strong.

Sorry for the bad english, wish we get the best from the devs...

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