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Whats wrong with those terrains??


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I accidentally did this last night to a fellow Druid. Was on blue team playing on Forest and my team chose me (Shoutbow Druid) to take home. So I'm like yeah that's cool, I can handle 1v1s. Well as I'm capping the point the enemy bunker Druid comes up to contest it. Now I'm like damn, this is going to be an eternal stalemate!

So I hold the point and I'm slowly taking it bit by bit by timing my knock back and ancient seeds, when out of sheer luck one of my point blank shots knocks him into the stone pillar and he's stuck. First reaction is oh thank god! Second reaction I was like "Dude, you're gonna have to relog. Sorry for getting you stuck."

Definitely started the match off in our favor, as they were then down a player and I could assist mid. I guess Anet is having some issues getting this fixed still.

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