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New Maps Specifically for Mounts


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The people who don't want mounts in WvW say this because they worry about imbalance it will cause. I propose we get new maps that are made to work well with the mounts, and I propose mounts get their own specific balance for WvW like gliding was given.I also propose, because I want mounts in WvW SO BADLY, that you give free players a basic horse or donkey only for use in WvW to go along with the new maps and such. They can keep up with a zerg but have no other abilities such as the ones you'd maybe allow through training with wvw xp.A lot of people who are scared of change might not like this idea, but please don't listen to them.. there will be nothing cooler than riding into battle on my Raptor against other players. I would pay at least another 30$ for this to be developed.In fact if those players hated mounts in wvw even after new maps and balance was made for them, you could just let them queue into the old non-mount maps and have like "classic WvW" or "Mounted WvW' servers to join. Idk. Please A-net I want my mount in WvW.

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