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Weaver condition rotation


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Can anyone help me smooth out this rotation? I've got it down such that you never need to hit a button that doesn't apply a condition. (at least for the first 2 laps of the rotation) and it even uses 'conjure flame axe' which... Up until now, has been mostly useless.

The traits are Fire 1,3,1 Earth 2,1,2 Weaver 1,1, 1

The resulting condi stack is comparable to dps condi warrior.

Using sword/ dagger... Beginning in Fire/earth. Perfect weave, signet of fire, 2,3,4,5, earth, 4,2, primordial stance, auto x3, earth, 3, water 3, conjure flame axe, 5, fire(don't drop the axe yet) 4, 2, (dodge forward through the enemy) 3 and drop the axe before retreating to far back. 2,3 air, 3,4, earth 3,2, auto x3 fire, repeat.

Or without flame axe... Which does less conditions and has slower attunement swapping if perfect weave is on CD.

Beginning in Fire/earth. signet of fire, 2, primordial stance, 3,4,5, earth, 4,2, auto x3, earth, 3, water, primordial stance, 3, fire, 2,3 air, 3,4, earth 3,2, auto x3 fire, repeat.

This maintains an easy 30 bleed stack spiking to 50 if you're fast. And a 10 burn stack spiking to 25 if you're fast. (at 100% duration)

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Yes, honestly when playing it, I tend to throw PS in on fire/earth earth/fire f/f or e/e. But in this rotation I placed the casts in order to cover time where you'd be hitting auto attacks in water or air.... Or would be otherwise auto attacking.

But really you just kinda dump it on CD with an eye to being in a "condi" attunement or two.

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