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[Request] Celebration Booster to include WvW reward track gain?


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It's probably been asked before but my bone to pick regards the Celebration Booster in that it does not include +10% gain to WvW reward track... only the PvP variant is present. Could ANet please update it to include +10% WvW reward track gain?

Feel free to discuss, thanks in advance.

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<- Doesn't think it's an oversight.

Celebration Bonus (1 h): 100% boost to magic find, WvW rank gain, experience from kills, and gold from kills. 10% bonus to PvP reward track progress.

Okay imagine if that 10% bonus part didn't exist......Then what part of the booster would apply to pvp? Magic find?no. Exp from kills? mbe. Gold from kills? no.It would be pretty useless in pvp. With the 10% bonus somewhat useful in pvp though.

It's give and take. I'm suuuuuure it was added in to make it viable for pvp use, that's all.

I mean I'm fine if they grant ur request.....I think wvsw track reward progress increases are a pretty useless investment to begin with. The other ones though https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Experience_Booster_(effect) and their "reward track gain" buffs....those are useful since its a substantial value of 50% that functions allllll the way up as you go and hit the normal maximum of +195. Then once ur at +195 it still functions giving you an extra +98 or whatever. Ur reward track progress increases always stop working once ur maxxed at +195.

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