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[NA] LF Guild on Tarnished Coast (PvX, Casual / Semi-hardcore player, CST)


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Hello,I am currently seeking an active and friendly guild that is known to be a close tight knit community, where there are more opportunities to meet other players and make friends. In terms of gameplay I am a PvX player, however I would like to improve/focus on WvW and Raid training.

A little bit about me:I’ve played Gw2 since 2014 and I’m still an active/frequent player. Even though I’ve played the game for 7+ years I’m always eager to help newer players while I’m very open/ willing to advance and learn things that I might be lacking in. Other than Gw2 I play other mmo[rpg]s such as: Gw1, WoW, Classic WoW, AA Unchained, BDO, etc. I’m available on Discord, Steam, and Battlenet.

Guild Must Haves:-Organized & Active Guild-Friendly & Tight-knit community-Holds fun events/ activities-Easier opportunities to meet guildies & make friends-WvW/ Roaming (Maybe GvG)-Raids/ Raid Training-Fractals-Discord Server-TC Server ONLY!!!

Note: I don’t mind if you are a new/small guild that may not have everything I listed. As long as you are committed and aim to be all those things listed, then I will happily take you under consideration. I am also willing to take part in helping your guild grow^^

If you are interested in recruiting me or have any questions/concerns please comment in the forum.Looking forward to hear from you :) and thank you for reading!

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