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Why can't agony resistance from our other weapons be active?


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The better question to ask is why it isn't an account bound thing instead of per character which would also eliminate that problem. Although it is not a particularly huge deal for someone who does fractals in the long run. Even with fairly casual fractal running over the years I have 7 or 8 characters ready for it.

On the other hand weapon slots should be the last ones filled and you can even skip them and use https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Anguished_Tear_of_Alba

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Slot the infusions in gear other than weapons, first? Put an infusion in both weapons?Why would an upgrade component be active on gear you aren't using? If it were, some of them would cancel each other out.

Here's some information on cost efficiency and maximizing resistance: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Agony_Resistance

Good luck.

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When crafting ascended weapons it's best to get the mats ready to craft both sets before crafting them at all. Not just agony wise - but also the stat difference.

Having crafted a LOT of ascended weapons recently (going through several characters)... it seems to take from 20-50g depending on how many of the 'once a day' mats I had saved up before I started in. If you've got the money for one, usually you've also got it for 2. And if you're crafting armor first - you probably made it to T3 or at the least T2 Fractals by this point. T3 Fractals can give about 8-30g per day if you open ALL of the fractal chests that drop - even with spending gold on keys to unlock them, that won't cut into the cost too deeply...

  • So I can fund a new weapon, with zero mats on hand before I start, about once every 3 days... Assuming I did NOTHING but run fractals and craft.

Armor is similar in cost.

I can speed it up a little by doing the regular dailies (2 more gold a day) and selling off assorted mats in my bank that aren't used for ascended items.

  • which basically means... craft both sets of weapons in one sitting... so you can avoid this issue. Worst case scenario is going to be saving up gold for 12 days... but odds are you will end up only needing 1/2 or less of that time - because the fractals drop more than gold - salvaging all that stuff generates mats to both use and sell, and while doing this keep making the once a day ascended mats.

Over the course of the last 3 weeks I've taken 2 characters into almost full ascended gear and Agony over 120 for one, and 147 for the other, as well as passed out 4 more weapons to other characters... I started the whole process with less than 200g on my account, dipped to 6g left BEFORE I started the second character... and have actually increased my gold while making items for the second character, but still under 100g - which is to say, you actually don't need to be rich to do this - you just need to stick to doing the highest tier of fractal dailies you can.

So this issue feels very minor to me. You can get past this 'bump' really fast once you start down the path of ascended gear.

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