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Keen intellect, the pursuit of secret knowledge, the cleverness to play tricks and not get caught, the pleasure of disobeying the normal rules of Tyria to defy destiny, makes you a Trickster!

Join our guild, we welcome all who have the characteristics of a Trickster. The Goddess Lyssa blesses us. We are a small expanding guild, that plays every content. Fractals, Dungeons, Strikes, Raids, down to PVP and up to WvW (Ehmry Bay) we do it all. We are a community that cares about players, who are eager to help develop you as a player. If you need help just ask. Monthly raffles, events, competitions and more await you at (MASK).

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/v7xQsNJB : Message me: Avery.1569 ingame or Apollo.5180

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