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Scorpion Wire Velocity increase

Lithril Ashwalker.6230

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@Lithril Ashwalker.6230 said:Scorpion Wire needs to have a velocity increase to match Dragonhunter spear throw, its way too slow.

It is pretty slow but you get used to reading peoples body language to know if their feet targeting circle will be in the right spot, with no terrain or objects between or on the correct side of a wall ledge, long enough to connect and pull. It's fast enough for a quick interrupt up close though.

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Seeing how Spear of Justice and Hunter's verdict are a combo of two skills, as opposed to Scorpion Wire being just one skill, so I think the throw being faster is fine. On top of that, Hunter's Verdict's CD is twice the CD of Scorpion Wire and has no charges.

In my opinion, if used solely for the pull, Dragon Hunter's F1 is actually worse than Scorpion Wire.

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It's fine - really. You just need to practice more. The skill is already quite strong with its Trick Synergy and charge count.

DH pull is also really unhealthy in all of the environments it's actually good in, anyways. Frankly, all of the pulls are. There's no reason to ask for more power when its situational nature is more the lack of reason to take it rather than the actual efficacy of the skill.

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