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pof question, why do pepple follow Joko?


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I never really got that part. I know certain villages follow him, and some dont. in the academy many teachers lie about him giving him achievements we actually id ourselves, among other lies.It's been so long since I've done the episodes of Pof so I might have forgotten, but following an undead king that spreads lies doesn't really sound like a good idea.also a bit confused about factions, what are exactly the awakened? If I remember corectly it's undead creatures that recovered their independence from him?

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according to NPC dialogues, especially the order of shadows, joko rules extend to many generations, so the new generations see it as normal. Some talking NPCs say they want to be awakened when they die, like their parents and grandparents did.

It is also seen as a stabilizing force by some, note that the commander needed an army to fight balthazar, and the only regular army with a relevant number is joko.

The writers did a great job here, they put in a lot of details, to explain the joko dictatorship it doesn't happen because "magically" all the elonians are afraid.

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If lies are believed they become truth.

So now you know the magnificence that is Joko! Praise him!

Awakened are basically "risen" that could keep their brain (personality, memories, etc.), with many having a certain autonomy (some more than others) but loyal to Joko. In a sense, Joko became their "father". Also due to some really good lies and brain wa...ermm... I mean absolute truths....many people believed (in life) that becoming awakened (in death) was one of the greatest honors that could be bestowed upon an individual.

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@Konig Des Todes.2086 said:Same reason people follow Kim Jong-un in North Korea, in effect.

That's literally all they were taught to do since birth. And if it's all you know to do through life, that's all you really do. Those who argued against got exposed to something that made them question.

It's worth remembering that this is essentially what the Whisper's agent at the entrance to Vabbi tells the player when you first arrive there during PoF...

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