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The fate of Smodur the Unflinching


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Before we move on to Champions, something has been nagging at me.

At the start of A Simple Negotiation, both the Commander/ PC and Rytlock have a clear view of the ledge overlooking the camp. The guards on that ledge - from which Ryland will shortly assassinate Smodur- have already been murdered, with their corpses visible. Check for yourself.

So who killed the guards? And in that context, what are we to make of Rytlock's opening words to us? Plus his later laconic comment that the killing of Smodur was simply "inconvenient"? Did Ryland have inside help from dad (and mom)? Or is this all just foretelling?

Rytlock Brimstone: Commander.

: What are you up to?Rytlock Brimstone: Not killing Smodur.: That bad, huh?Rytlock Brimstone: He and Braham are going toe-to-toe on strategy. Neither one's a bad plan by our standards. But...Rytlock Brimstone: We were this close... This close to getting Ryland back.: I know.Rytlock Brimstone: So yeah, not killing Smodur? Harder than it looks.
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I think you’re reading into it too much. The dialogue in context of the episode is pretty straightforward, as Smodur had become a minor antagonist to the Commander and Rytlock by repeatedly undermining and disrespecting them. Plus, as Rytlock says, their chance at a resolution with Ryland was ruined by Smodur killing the last of his warband (her name slips my mind).

With the dead guards, it just seems to be a subtle nod to what’s about to happen. Ryland killed them to get in position to assassinate Smodur, and we just didn’t notice in time to prevent it.

I haven’t actually seen the dead guards myself, so I’m just going off what you say.

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No point reading too much into it.

If Rythlock were planned for it to happen as yu are hinting, then he planned for it badly.For one, what if Smoldur decided to take the position around the table right under the ledge?Anyone directly opposite of him would see Mr. Ryland before he could even walk 2 steps near the ledge.And what if Ryland missed or Smoldur dodged? Why go through so much setup just to give his son a shot at killing Smoldur, something they would have plenty of chances in the future when they clashed and fought as opposing forces?

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