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Trivial - NPC Gianna near Salma Waypoint in Divinity's Reach


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I was flicking through the wiki the other day and noticed a removed NPC from when LA was destroyed had a randomised appearance. Maybe that's the way they used to handle NPCs, and she's just been forgotten for an update. Or maybe lots of NPCs are still like that, and nobody notices because not a single NPC is memorable, apart from their idle chatter spam.

That's quality armour.

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There's quite a few NPCs whose appearence is randomised. Not completely random, but drawn from a pool of pre-set designs. That's how you can end up with crowds of 3 identical people - same face, hair, clothes, everything - talking to each other. It also means if you leave the area and come back they'll change. It's usually unnamed ones (the ones just called things like Citizen, Peace Maker, Traveler etc.) but sometimes minor named NPCs use the same system.

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