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Wintersday Giveaway – The Pale King: A Covid Story


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Maguuma – NAWintersday Giveaway – The Pale King: A Covid StoryDecember 24th - 5:00pm changed to 8pm EST (due to a slight setback) @ The GroveFirst come first serve for 35 people.

It was Christmas Eve at The Grove, just another day, but with all that’s been happening, the days seem so blurred together. I watched in sadness as my once lively home had become a place of stillness. Wintersday was always meant to bring people together. The sounds of saplings snowball fighting and constructing forts with snow, but no, the Grove and Tyria have reached an all time low.

I created a portal and stepped into it, leading me right into Omphalos Chamber, where several Sylvari continued to hover around the Pale Mothers sickened state. Mendors have been doing their best to keep her quarantined and the infection at bay from reaching the rest of us, but we still question when this plague liberates us from its grasp.

The Sylvari Ritualists advised me that it was time. The Grove needed a firstborn to keep the order and peace. I wasn’t a leader, much less a commander, but I cared for all living things, Sylvari and not. I was more connected with the land than the Pale Mother was and perhaps surpassing her in power. I’ve seen so much of Tyria and have witnessed the struggles that all the races are facing. I wanted to help in the smallest way I can, and this was the last resort. I knew I was only one, but perhaps with these newfound gifts, I could extend such roots even further. I had to try.

A circle was drawn around me; the chants echoed through the chamber, and within moments, I unsheathed Caladbolg and stabbed it into the centre of the ceremony. The Pale Mothers' essence empowered the sword even further, and as I could feel her power rushing through me, I watched with tears in my eyes as her body gradually turned to dust. I know she wasn’t truly gone and that we sent her to the dream until Tyria has fully recovered, but these tears were hers and of all the ones we’ve lost.

Chaotic energy dispersed outwards, knocking everyone back and suddenly manifesting exotic flowers and vines throughout the chamber. I could hear everyone's thoughts in the Grove, and as I focused more, I could see the other races in their capital cities through my mind's eye. It worked, but I did not doubt that it wouldn’t.

The mendors advised me to rest and take things one day at a time for the body to adapt to the changes. But before I could do that, there was one thing on my mind that I wanted to do first. I created another portal, which led to my favourite secret place under the Garden of Dawn.

My presence enwrapped the tall trees here in flora with varying bioluminescent to give off that Wintersday feeling. I walked up to the column of rocks and peered into the pool of water from the waterfall. Glimpses of heroic warriors out there still fighting to combat this plague revealed themselves to me. There were far too many to call upon without knowing the amount of strain it may cause from these new gifts. Perhaps 30 will do.

Then just as I turned around, a large portal formed, and one by one appeared a warrior, all from varying races, professions, and as I stood before them, I gave them all the most gracious of smiles. Some looked confused, and others seemed as though they’ve been fighting non-stop to support themselves or their families. As abrupt as this summoning was, I know that they wouldn’t be leaving empty-handed, and some gifts are best given in person.

I wasn’t as traditional as some Tyrians when it came to presents, so I had one pod appear in front of each one of them. As they carefully opened them, their faces brought me joy as they couldn’t believe what was inside and were speechless from the happiness it gave them. It’s the little things that count, but even small things can bloom into something more significant in someone's life.

Tseison.4659 / Tseison

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