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Player is unable to exit the customization menu when entering combat while searching for stat combos

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DescriptionIf the player enters combat while using the search bar in the customization menu they will be unable to close it. All WASD keys will simply continue to fill in the search bar. The player is unable to use the mouse to attempt to close the menu. ESC does not allow the player to close the menu.

  • Action Camera was enabled and set to hotkey Z to enable/disable. (Possible Cause)
  • Issue was first observed in the Bone Skinner Strike Mission
  • Has been observed in PVE open world maps

Repro Steps

  • Obtain a piece of gear with selectable stats.
  • Move to a location in which enemies spawn. (can kill and wait for respawn for easy repro)
  • Open inventory > right-click the piece of gear > customize
  • Begin typing in the customization search bar
  • Wait for enemies to attack you
  • Attempt to exit the customization menu

ResultsThe player is unable to exit the Customization Menu until they are defeated or otherwise removed from combat.

Expected ResultsThe player is able to exit the customization menu when pressing ESC, consistent with most other menus.

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