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Skyscale pets for Rangers on the next expansion?


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I think it would be great if our devs could add some more Range pets, among those I would like to have a Skyscale pet. Think about it. the mechanics are already there with those Wyvern pets. If we have many felines and canines, or different colorful Moas, why not complete the Skyscale set allowing Rangers and it's subclasses to run around with a Skyscale army. (mounted, minis, chair, glider) and now a fighting skyscale pet.

I hope to get some support for this idea, which doesn't limit another kinds of pet to be added. Please make the next expansion great.

Thank you.

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I think skyscale pets would be too similar to wyverns, also for their skill. And that they won't reuse the mount breeds as pets, or they would have probably done that in PoF. (Not talking about skins, I know there is the sand lion one, but the creatures themselves, Jakal, Raptor etc).

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