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Game Crashes, Cannot log back in

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In the past 30 minutes I have been kicked from the game twice, both while in Brisbane story instance for the new chapter. First time it took 10 minutes to be able to log back in, when I did, some other players mentioned this had also happened, others didn't have any issues. As I logged back into a new Brisbane instance I proceeded to play but it crashed another 10 minutes later and I have been unable to log in again.

*** I was able to log back in just before posting this, and confirmed that the same people were also kicked again. In game it is laggy and unplayable :-( wahts going on?

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I've also been kicked twice in the past 30 minutes. First time it took 25 minutes to get back in, and was kicked after 5 of that.

I've also been talking to someone else on Discord and they've experienced the same thing at the same time. I was in Drizzlewood and I think they were in a city, so it's definitely not IBS5 instances only.

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