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WvW Tower Wall Teleport Hack/Exploit/Glitch JQ vs YB


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Posting this to raise awareness of an issue that has been occurring for (at least) the last three weeks in the YB:JQ matchup. For the remainder of this post, I am going to avoid using the words "hack", "exploit", "glitch" or "cheat". As a player I have no way to determine if this is an unintended design consequence, an abuse of internal mechanics, or some external factor.

For the past three weeks Jade Quarry (JQ) players have been taking Tier 3 tower objectives in the Yak's Bend (YB) corner of Eternal Battlegrounds without breaking walls, nor deploying siege, nor setting off dots from sentries or weather balloons. It appears to be the same two or three Revenants each time. Most often, they start with Veloka, then move (unnaturally fast) to take Ogrewatch and Mendon's.

This behavior has become so consistent that I was actually able to anticipate and schedule time to watch them do it (mid-late morning EST, for reference).

Below are two video links. I apologize for their quality (and for the fact that you can briefly hear me playing Terraria in another window - gotta keep entertained between caravan escorts).

The first video shows their "assault" on Veloka. You can see them actually appear out of nowhere on a completely undamaged wall at 0:06. The gate, behind my broken and trampled corpse, was similarly unblemished.


The second clip shows a few moments later. While the JQ server blob is at the front door of YB Overlook Keep, three revenants appear on the inner wall, drop down and engage with players manning siege on top of Lord. This happens well before any interior wall or gate is breached.


I am the first one to tell you that I am not a good player, and I don't cry foul any time I am beaten. But this is consistent repeated evidence that game mechanics are being circumvented, and it additionally implies collusion on the part of the JQ alliance, since it involves multiple players and they take advantage of it multiple times a week, if not daily.

I would welcome insight or evidence that shows that this is all functioning as intended, proving my assertions unfounded. Because, as it stands, I am frustrated and disappointed.

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They don't care enough to either fix issues or manage the community properly anyway, so you can probably do whatever you like to garner some attention.

Just a few weeks back half the public squad I was in kept jumping into an objective. Mind you, the squad took the objective the old fashioned way by ramming the gates but people got bored waiting for the gates to drop so they mounted in- and out of the objective typing "lol Anet".

How long has the Warclaw been out now? WvW isn't even in maintenence mode anymore :/

Last stream they mentioned that Cal had been whisked away to work on the systems team. It isn't jaw-dropping to learn that devs move between teams based on needs (or that a dev that at least manage to facilitate change gets more responsibilities, especially given the productivity issues that linger), however, all of us here bitterly knows that while resources are taken from the competetive team quite regularily they are hardly ever added to, to actually deliver on the systems we wait for. Assuming good things were to come from competetive in the xpac we would assume that the competetive team would be busy with some crunch too. Shifting resources is somewhat normal but just taking things from the basement crew sends signals and has consequences.

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I may know what 2 you are talking about as in a previous matchup a while ago I came across 2 revs clearly teleport/speed hacking (when spotted you can see the dot fly on the map). Luckily for me however I caught them both several times on my DE and was able to beat em. Sucks they were near impossible to catch unless you were map smart and could tell where they were gonna hit next. I even caught them during my stream back then as well.

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