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Build for novice ranger


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Hi everyone i'm new to the game!i'm serching for a ranger build pve. At the moment (lv 35) i've unlock all the spirit training skill tree, a couple of talent of the signet training and all the bestmaster specialization.I fight using a sword, a warhorn and a shortbow. i've just a confusing idea of what i want to do (a support/dps). have you some hint for me? Could you explain to me the various options I have?Thank you!

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@anduriell.6280 said:Longbow, Axe/Axe.Axe for tagging mobs and DPS, longbow for Barrage and break stance bars.Forget about spirits those are mostly useless, Shouts and Survival skills are the way to go. Focus in damage traitlines as your pet will tank for you.

Ah, i can try it, thank!There is a way to respec the character skill point?

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Axe / torch + Short Bow + traps.Traitlines : Skirmishing > Wilderness survival > marmanshipGear : Carion/Dire, Condition Damage + whatever.Something like that : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POgAc+lFwsYUsP2JW+OnA-zRIUb0wSCXuHvOYA-e

Even if you don't have a lot of equipment with Condition Damage during leveling, burning with Torch + Flame trap* are really strong to cleave mobs quick enough.Power is cool, but IMO condi trap is better for Open world and leveling, because you hit more targets with a good burst and cripple them.

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