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Elite Specialization Discussion/Prediction.

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I'm sure there's other posts about this but if not just wanted to know what everyone's hopes were for certain class weapons for the next expansion or just general predictions? For me it'd be:

Warrior - Pistol or Melee staff I guessGuardian - not entirely sure? Maybe warhorn?Revenant - Axe main hand it a wish just because of how much i love the axe off hand abilities.

Ranger - possibly sword off hand? I'm not sure what I'd want for ranger.Thief - could also be a sword for off hand.Engineer - Axe or Torch maybe? I've come to the conclusion it's hard to predict anything for engineer at this point lol I love engineer so I hope for something fun.

Necro - sword main hand or Shield.Elementalist - honestly never played ele so I'm not exactly sure do you think they would do something like a mesmer Greatsword and have it ranged? Could be a weird thing but I guess it's not entirely impossible.Mesmer - would pistol main hand be cool? Would I want it because the pistol in offhand sounds great yes indeed I would aha.

Honestly very hard to predict I really am just hoping for more fun weapons to play around with.

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