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Have to Constantly Repeat Major Story Events

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This has been going on for a few years and frankly it's turned me off doing the Story quests. Anytime I do one of the longer Story missions that has a cutscene at the end, like tonight with "Defend Fort Trinity", at the very end of the event the game client disconnects and I have to start the mission from scratch. This has been happening over and over and over for years and I'm just disgusted with wasting my time and effort doing these long, frequently tedious, Story missions only to be forced to do them again in order to progress. It's utterly stalled my progress with the Story to the point I have practically given up. I have Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, but I haven't complete either due to the constant frustration of the game client crashing.

Am I utterly alone in this happening? Is it a known bug the developers can't resolve? Am I doomed to "Groundhog Day" my way through the Story missions?

I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I'm just really ticked off right now.

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