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Endless Embiggening vs Box of Fun [Suggestion]


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Are there any permanently obtainable size buffs that stack with the Endless Embiggening Tonic? If not, could I suggest a way to upgrade the Embiggening Tonic to the Box of Fun size that is difficult to achieve? Even if it was just a 5-10% difference it would set those who play the game a lot apart from the rest of the 12 foot male norns walking around who dwarf other races using the tonic. I understand there is a portion of the community who would be apprehensive about this because of norns/chars who abuse the tonic during events, but it would give veteran players (Edit: Players who go out of their way to earn it) a way to set themselves apart from players who just had to buy a story mission and spend some karma.

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I'm sure this was something they thought about when designing the size tonics, and what they settled on is what they found appropriate. I'm fine with that. The tonics already have a very dramatic effect that people already abuse. I've played MMOs that had stacking size effects, and I kid you not it was commonplace to see people with their heads and torsos sticking out the roofs of buildings. Restricting this to 'veterans' or whatever ensures nothing.

It's not like GW2 is a particularly realistic game, but it's not GiantWars2 either.

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I mean that's a fair response, I just figured since Box of Fun already had that size in the game it wouldn't be far from what is already on the table. I know it's been mentioned before, but I respect whatever the devs decide to do with the tonics, if anything, in the future.

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