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Story achievements should be revised


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I know most of view have noticed a change in the story achievements since Icebrood Saga kicked in, especially with all the new sets of weapon skins (some of them expensive in my point of view) kicking in with every episode. I personally never had anything against skin collections achievements (did some myself) but I am not the type to farm for skins and they started to affect me (and other players) when they became requirements for certain meta achievements.

This is not a rant about collections or farming, is just a rant about misplacing these achievements. Story Journal achievements (including the meta achi for an episode) always contained achievements related to story episodes or the events/meta events in the new map while the skin collections were placed in the Collections tab (where this kind of skin collections should belong). In my point of view, what Anet did is bad behaviour (placing achievements in their wrong category) and a cheap way of forcing us (the ones who were always aiming for the meta achievement) to farm the new maps a little more. If this was their understanding of "replayability" I am really disappointed.

I was curious how many people share this point of view, of keeping the Story Journal category dedicated only to story and events on the new map, while farming collections achievements should be placed only in the Collections tab, without affecting the meta for an episode. Feel free to share your points of view below and tank you.

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They started this with thunderhead peaks episode but the weapon sets have some quests related to the Area and the weapon set was ascended with pretty nice stat so it was ok then.With ICB though they stopped making legendaries so they needed other material and gold sinks and here we are with 100g or more exotic weapons, some look pretty nice though and personally im more willing to go do stuff instead of grind gold(well if it isn't boring as DRMs are right now that is). So something like the Runic Armor was fine for me cause it was just do the daily strike kind of deal which is something I would do anyway for fun and will get a bonus for having fun. On another hand you have the weapons that at most I will craft some cause I like to have the skin for a look on my character but the method requires a grind for gold and this puts me out of my Fun zone so these collections would be incomplete.Also there are no PVP, WVW tracks like before so I don't have another way of getting them.And these collections should be in the collection tab. slap a living world collections on it and be done with the deal.

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100% agree.

I like to grind collections (especially black lion and festival ones) to get the biggest collection page, and I usually complete the meta achiv from living story dodgin anoying achievements.

This is probably why I never started any of the living story collection. Imo collections should be removed from the meta achiv reqs. They belong to collection pages.

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