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What do you normally wear?

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I didn't vote because there's no option for "Depends/Both". I wear both, even on the same character. If I'm still figuring out an armor look that I like, and if there's an outfit I like for that character, I'll wear the outfit until I complete the armor look. Sometimes I prefer an outfit to any other armor, and in that case, I'll wear the outfit. Sometimes I like both an outfit and an armor look, and I'll alternate between the two.I honestly don't care if my characters wear an outfit or armor, what matters to me is the aesthetics, and that the looks fit the characters :)

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Both, but I probably spend more time using armour.

I use outfits for situations where armour looks out of place - formal meetings in the personal story, down-time in towns, switching to the arctic explorer outfit when it's cold etc. I really like having a selection of outfits to switch to when I want them, and that it doesn't cost transmutation charges or take a bunch of clicks to change it over, but I still spend more time wearing armour.

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