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GW2 Is the only game on my PC that ever gives me trouble

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Over the last few months the game has become unplayable for me. Even at lowest graphics settings, I'm getting only 10-18 fps just standing still. I run AC Odyssey and similar games at max level graphics with zero issues. I've done everything I can think of to try and fix it over the last few weeks. Even submitted a ticket (which I haven't gotten a response on yet). I didn't want to uninstall/reinstall because I live in a remote area in northern Canada and I get very limited data a month as it is. I didn't want to spend half of it downloading the game again.

Anyway, as a last resort, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Now, I did two separate speeds tests and I'm getting 20-25mbps download speed....except even with me being the only person in the house using the internet, GW2 is downloading between 500KBPS to 3mbps...MAX.

I've been playing this stupid game since launch but in the last few years it's just been non-stop issues and they're getting worse and worse. Why is it ONLY Guild Wars that ever gives me issues of all the games I play??? Is anyone else having these problems? Did you fix it? HOW did you fix it?

Keep in mind I have limited knowledge in regards to computer stuff. If your solution started with "Open command prompt" don't bother telling me because I'll fuck it up.

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A speed test will tell you nothing about the connection between the game servers and you. You can use a program like PingPlotter to see how your connection is to the servers.An SSD will speed up your download time (if you don't have one), as the installer must open and install each file.

There's some threads about alleviating low FPS issues. Browse the 'Account Support' sub-forum for some tips on FPS and downloading the client.

Good luck.

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