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[BUG] "Assault on the Frost Citadel" meta progression stopped

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Date 23/11/2020Time: 12.21am UTC

The meta in the title stopped progressing at the "Destroy the Machines!" event.

The NPCs made it into the room but not to whatever their next trigger point is. No-one in the room could attack the machines in this room, only whatever spawned around us. This was only the fourth time that I have done this meta, but I did notice that there was a United Legions Waystation at the bottom of the ramp where the NPCs walk to. I don't know if that Waystation spawns in this spot (screenshots linked), but I know that it is where the NPCs need to go and maybe that blocked progression? I'm not sure, that's all I noticed.


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Date: 23/11/2020Time: 7.52pm UTC

Back into the meta the following day (I'm in Australia, sleep happened) and I went to see if the "Destroy the Machines!" event would finish and if the Waystation in the above screenshots appeared again. It didn't and the meta was complete. I'm guessing that yesterday's event progression was halted by an unfortunately placed Waystation by a player. Hopefully there can be some modification to the Waystations in a future update that does not cause collisions for NPCs.


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