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is Stability king of buffs, or is it just a Gold level deal


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@Federally.7492 said:I notice my team does fairly well since I started spamming stability. As support healing (even great heals) seem only to prolong a fight.So is this happening in plat?

depends, people usually avoid wasting CC into stability, or simply depending on the spec strip it. thief gives no shit and just F1 eats it, and necro corrupts it.I always find stability to be win more boon, where if you have numbers advantage AND stability you just roflstomp the enemy as they cant fight back

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Tbh Prot + Resistance are the kings, because Stability doesn‘t count much if you get it every half a minute or so considering the CC party GW2 gameplay has evolved into. You get far more often CC‘ed than you could possibly react to it by casting Stability - I feel like positioning helps you far better to avoid CC‘s. However, if Stability protected you during it‘s whole duration against CC (how it used to be) it would be the King of Boons

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