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CPU panic attack at Teq

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The Teq event I had today gave my CPU (i7 4770) some really weird panic attack which I've never seen before, the entire operating system was constantly having stutters

everything was normal until the 2nd canon defense started, where Core 0 and Core 3 would max out at 100% and other cores will constantly drop down to almost completely idle and spike up to max and back down again continuously, basically unplayable; even affect the system even when GW2 is minimised.

CPU only returned to normal operation after Teq is defeated

has anyone else experienced this too?

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@Ashantara.8731 said:Are all your CPU cores unparked?

Had to go away and google this! But after d/l Core Parking Manager can confirm my 4 cores are all unparked.

@moonstarmac.4603 said:If you have Windows 10, go to Settings -> Gaming and turn Off the Gaming Mode and Xbox features. They are messed up and causing serious CPU flutters.

Windows 7 Professional

Currently GW2is playable but it is hogging my CPU usuage. I'm guessing this maybe just normal?

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