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Ambrite Weapon collection - can u get them via events vs crafting?

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Hi, so i am down to last 2 weps to craft and i made a mistake getting a recipe while on tier 4 from first bag. I noticed 2 of the wep list showed as not saying i already knew it. So i took one and wasted 425 geodes on a recipe for an item already in the collection. I checked the huntsman crafter and she does not know that recipe yet the item is shown in collection....

So am i hosed and have to get another 425 geodes? I put a ticket into support. Again, from what i recall the diff bags showed the same recipes just diff geode requirements or something like that. I am sitting on the recipe since the wep is in the collection. I have the last 2 insect items for crafting after finally getting 2 fossilized. Now i have 3 of the fossilized in bank which seem to be useless since i have the items needed to craft, just need to get the recipes via geodes. So the question again is: can you get a ambrite wep from doing events in DT vs having to grind for geodes/zeph chests to get the fossilized insect piece to go along with the recipe or is this a glitch? I don't remember when i got that item and salvaged (been slowly working it for a long time, not a high priority). Anyways, any insight would be nice/helpful and appreciated!

Have fun in game!


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