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Maguuma cultural weapons


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I wonder if there 's some reason based on lore, for the Asuras and the Sylvaris sharing the same T1 and T2 cultural weapon sets. More so when we hardly see any Sylvari NPC wearing a glyph weapon, nor any Asura NPC wearing a plant weapon. I just wonder what could be answered to new players when they will report this as a striking oversight (as I did some years ago). There surely is a reason why, though.

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It's mechanics. Cultural weapons, namely Tier 1 and 2, are tied to generic drops in the region. Because the asura and sylvari share a region (Maguuma Jungle), their tier 1 and tier 2 weapon drops - and therefore cultural weapons - are shared.

Incidentally, glyphic weapons are also regional drops in Orr, where the second tier are Orrian weapons.

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This makes sense. I thought that generic drops were tied to the race "holding" the region, but without having evidences, because I'm only starting to venture beyond the cultural regions (for instance, Sparkfly Fen is associated to Sylvaris, according to a map of zones on the wiki, and I don't know if we find Maguuman weapons here).

[EDIT] @Konig Des Todes.2086: Finally, I don't get why they made cultural weapons tied to the generic drops in the region, and not cultural armor. There are 3 sylvari and 3 asura armour sets. I'm not sure for other regions, but iirc, it's the same, you get only common armour dropping. If I may comment on this, I find it cheap.[/EDIT]

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