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Beastmaster PvP fun build...


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Wanted to share build with you. I don t claim this build is best for ranked but just want to show it for fun and theory craft for closest option for beastmaster feel i discovered yet. Bird f2 is on 5 sec cd and it puts 2 stacks of bleed and poison (poison master) and weakness every time while beastly warden can trigger twice inside 20 sec internal cd (in order if you first use bird f2 than merged beast skill). Fun combo for chase is using bird swoop than fast exit beastmode on end of animation and than bird f2 in mid air. Your bird do most of your dmg while you focus on kites (speed runes) and utility while doing some dagger and shortbow bursts (mainly to proc predators cunning as often). Utility is quite usefull in teamfights and i started liking guard skill on soulbeast because its good tool for might and team/self sustain and i try to only use it after exiting beastmode .You can do instant protection entering beastmode because of unstopable union + guard second later when u exit for big dmg reduction (this combo works while u stunned aswell and if you add bird f2 with weaknes and possible taunt proc in the mix its good defense while cc-ed for duels). Stances are also good for teamfights while u have fine resustain with high regeneration uptime. Build have quite unique role so its about you knowing when to take some duel matchups (vs power builds is mostly upperhand) and when to go in teamfight and bait enemy cooldowns while bringing nice support for allies. Last note is that dagger 2 can be used to boost pet with poison stacks while you kiting and that beastmode is often used to reposition your pet. Here is the video if someone wants to check it up.

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