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dd dps raid question


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so i use snowcrow build, basically keep 1 bar of end, but i still doesn't do good dmg. does dd has to be in flank/rear of the boss? also are there sync with certain skills? so far i just use staff 2 w/assiassin signet and fist flurry after dodge. any other skills/rotation i need to max output of dps?

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Define "doesn't good damage"? Is it your damage in raids that bothers you or on golem? In raid situation there are a lot of variables that affect damage (be it lack of quickness or boss mechanics etc.) so you can't compare it to golem dps.Yes, you lose a lot of damage if you attack boss from front due to Twin Fangs. Have you tried to use signet basically at the end of bound into staff 2? Staff 2 (at least for me) is the main source of damage, given the bound effect + endurance traits, i would try to combine those 2 the most instead of just draining endurance.

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