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Pharus visual affects stop at skill 4. Sad Panda

Delita Silverburg.8632

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I absolutely love my Pharus Longbow, but I am curious/sad the design decision came to only have the visual effect on skills 1 through 4 and not 5. I think it would have been way cooler if your barrage attack rained light beams down upon your enemies in glorious fashion. I know it's well past the point of a change on Anets part, but it does give me Sad Panda face. Whomp Whomp.

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Unfortunately this isn't uncommon with legendary weapons.Some of them have very limited visual effects on some classes.. for example Kamohoali'i Kotaki only does the shark chomp animation on a 1/5 skills for Mesmer and Ranger.. most other classes get it on 3 or 4/5 of their spear skills except Guardian which gets it on 2/5 and Warrior which can get it on 5/5 including the full auto chain.

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