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My opinion to the GuildWars2 these days

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Hello people.

Today, i want to tell you and maybe some Admins my opinion about GuildWars2 in these days. I want to write this down because there are a lot of points, that make me upset, sadly...

First of all, i want to say, that i play GW2 for nearly 4 years and i realy enjoying it. Till now... I don't know why, but since a few month, i can't realy enjoy anything in this game. The story is boring and loveless compared to the expansions or other Living World-Storylines. I know, that some people will say, that it's because of the Covid pandemic. I understand this argument in every point and i accept it, but the newest story is complete trash in my opinion. There is only one new instance and some better "events", but that's it. On top of it, nobody knows, how it will continue in the next dailys, weeks or month with the story. And that's the reason, why i'm very sad about the actual development of the game.As i started in the end of ~2016, i realy enjoyed the game because i got a lot to do ingame. The story was fu** awesome. The new maps and expansions/living world's were pretty good and i loved the way, this game went. With the New Icebrood Saga end 2019, something happend in the game. A lot of PoF maps started to lag as hell, also some LW4 maps. I hadn't all achievements on these maps yet, so i needed to play a lot of time with this lagging maps. The community were angry about it but till now, nothing realy happend to fix the lag. That's one big point in my argumentation, because other games will fix these issues in about some days, at most in a few weeks. ArenaNet knows about this problem, telling us to fix this issues, but till now, the lags exist. Also, they aren't listen to the community at all. They are ignoring some post about issues and make them even worse. AND THAT'S A NO-GO! Because ArenaNet needs us to be a succesfull company and that's the reason, why they should listen to us instead of ignoring us.On top of that, since the release of the new Storyline "Champions", i have a lot of issues with the login-servers. I got kicked out of the game and can't rejoin. I wrote the support, but I got no answer till now. That's pretty frustrating.My final point is the "content" point. I see a lot of games, which release a lot of new content in a year. Not only 2 storys, 2 maps and maybe a fractal or raid... I mean, GW2 has a lot of potential just by taking the old ressources like dungeons or other stuff and continue this thoughts. I mean, why are they done with dungeons? Why are they not releasing new dungeons with it's own story? Dungeons are a great possibility to bring this game back to life... Dungeons are only one point, but i hope, that you guys/girls are understanding my point of view. Same with strikes, fractals, raids and other stuff. These parts are contentcreator for a lot of players in the GW2 Community and i can't understand, that the releases of this content needs to be side by side with the release of a LW or an Expansion. Same with Balance-Patches for PvE, PvP and WvW.All these points are showing my frustration about GW2 in 2020. So ArenaNet tries to recruit new players by making GW2 avalable on steam? Then they realy need to fix all these points. Because me as a new player starting GW2 in 2020 and seeing this kind of stuff going on in the game, i won't want to play this game for any longer and looking for a new MMO.Nothing against GW2 as a game, it's in my opinion one of the greatest MMO's i have every played and heared about and that's the reason, why i'm still playing. But all those kind of issues are making me sad and some kind of aggressiv.

So, that's my kind of view. What do you guys thinking about GW2 in 2020? Can u agree my arguments? Or are u disagree?

Have a nice Day.


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There are things to bear in mind

  • Anets team has changed. It lost a lot of employees and no longer has a Game Director.

  • Anet have been dropping communication levels since the SAB world 2 fiasco in 2013. Apart from some collaborative threads in 2014 and the work of Gaile gray later, communication is not something they good at or interested in.

  • All mmos suffer from inconsistent design decision and regularly drop things for new ideas. I cite LOTRO as a classic example

  • GW2 does receive a lot of content. The issue has never been a lack of pve content, but the quality has dropped because they’ve never really found a way to deliver consistent living story with the team size they have and deliver expansions.

  • the episodic format hasn’t really meshed with delivering a rich story, rather short and often underwhelming snippets jammed into an arbitrary release cadence

  • they clearly do not have the team size to deliver living world and expansion like they used to.

  • the game is 8 years old and not a AAA game. The fact it still has new content and a healthy player base is a testament for the things they have and still do get right.

I’m as critical as anyone with their direction and rubbish communication and the Saga has largely been a let down for me. But we need to temper it with the age of the game and the declining size of the team. Its best is long past, but we still have a great game to play even if it never realised it’s potential.

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@OP, Remember that new players won't really be experiencing what you are experiencing right now. They will be experiencing what you experienced in 2016 when you started, only the game has grown even larger since then. New players will have a ton of new content to play through and most likely won't get to IBS and such for quite a long time.

There will be some, I'm sure, that play 20 hours a day and burn through content quicker, but what game can really keep up with those types of players?

And good news! GW2 is the kind of game that you can take a break from and not miss out on anything. Just do a daily logon to make sure you don't miss any content deliveries and keep those logon rewards rolling, and go play something else for a while. I have to do that every year it seems.

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True, true. Pretty sure everyone else knows too, and them too. So maybe let's stop bashing them everyday with countless threads about opinions. You got an opinion? Cool but it doesn't mean you gotta share it with us especially since there are few almost identical threads.

Only thing ANet has to improve to win me back is communication. Even questionable quality of latest content drop keeps me hyped up for the future.

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