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Changing map IP without being grouped?

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It's not guarenteed to achieve anything, but you could try guesting.

Log out to the character select screen, click the 'world selection' button, pick any server which isn't your home world (this will be marked with a house symbol) and click the 'guest' button. Next time you log into a character you'll be sorted into a copy of the map using the server you're guesting to instead of your normal home world. As I said it's not guarenteed to make a difference, because other things have higher priority for sorting like whether any of your friends or guild members are there, and of course the other server might already be sharing instances with yours, but it's a chance.

I once spent an entire Saturday morning trying to either drop into a copy of Malchor's Leap where the temple of Dwayna wasn't under Pact control or trying to persuade people to let the defence event fail so I could retake it (because I needed that chest for an achievement) and nothing worked, then I guested to a different server and it put me in a map where the temple was under enemy control.

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