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The Icebroodsaga episode 4 'reward' and companions


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So I started playing the Ice brood saga and for now I have to say I am totally disappointed with the so called 'rewards'. After some bugs and not a lot of effort I managed to complete episode 4 and what do I see for my effort? 1 silver 8 copper 8 bloodstone shards 1.5 k karma 2 large venom sacks and 1 mastery point... Yeah THANKS BRO! I mean risking my life was totally worth it for that 1 silver coin and the 1.5 k karma. Jesus christ I am not expecting you to give me 10,000 gold but for the love of god I just risked my life to fight a fucking dragon going in his lair killing his allies and you couldn't come up with a yellow item or three?

Also what is up with my 'companions'! I swear to god those guys despite their legendary status are totally useless! 2 of them literally spend 1 min + trying to kill 2 NORMAL mobs while being equipped with LEGENDARY weapons and armor... I am not expecting them to plow through legions of enemies but seriously ... 2 normal units in more than a min? Don't get me wrong I don't need the help especially if it is 'so much' but I just feel embraced being seen with these poor excuses for warriors! Their only 'Purpose' in life is to melt ice walls for me so I can proceed which is fucking embarrassing!

The worst part is when my 'friends' all of a sudden become my enemies for some reason then all of a sudden they are all buffed up and I have to get together with a group of 5+ faction leaders etc to take them down because you see in this case this one fucker managed to steal the legendary bow of ONE of my companions or whatever...

My advice... if you are going to force me to go on 'adventures' with these losers at least buff them up a little bit so I don't feel embraced every time they 'hit' an enemy and take 3% off of his hp bar ...

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