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[Solved] Chrono's Gear ?


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Hello !

I'm an occasional player (play since long time but with huge break between each) I was mostly playing necro and have mess around with all type of build (even a zelot reaper who is surprisingly stupidly strong to solo Leg Boss like Vabi anomalie (just finish my skyscale <3) or some bounty) but wanna play something else and especially something a bit more challenging cuz tbh Necro is way to easy).

So I've up different char and find the power GS chrono very fun but I'm a bit confusing about gear for solo/open world.I play a lot alone but also enjoy groupe meta/boss/farming.So, should I go for a full Diviner ? Marauder ? Mix ? How much buff uptime should I aim for ? This kind of thing.

I want to be able to solo most thing, but also want to be able to help group with buff in meta (I'm sur, like me, you like when people give you ton of buff ^^)

Any help would be appreciate from experience Chrono / Solo Chrono.

Have a nice day !

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Thx for reply, I've opted for a full body Assassin and all the other part in marauder (mostly wooden potato's Cata gears, work very well).It give me pretty balanced stat and so far I'm soloing just well with it.

I've take also some idea from @"LuRkEr.9462" build especially the part for condi cleanse with inspiration (honestly it changed my life in open), some in Metabattle and have change/add my own taste (more shatter's food) and it's amazing ^^

So, thank you :)

Edit : for curious here is the result :http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PixAEt3lVwUYdMPWJmWXZNdA-zRRYbhJG17yIwUNiqy+B-e

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