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remove me mods

Lithril Ashwalker.6230

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Hmm. I actually kind of like the melee range fear when playing rifle, as it helps to stop you getting trained down by camp guards while you hit your target, removing some of the advantage the enemy has by fighting in their camp and meaning you're not forced to swap to your melee set until you want to. It also works really, really nicely with severance sigil and draining sigil in those circumstances.

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@saerni.2584 said:

@saerni.2584 said:I was planning on integrating into the Christmas balance thread. At least as far as the RS suggestions.

...dont i know you from somewhere? are you in my guild?!

Hehe. Always good to see you online :)

What wvw server did you end up on?

off topic, Sorrows furnace.

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