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Hey Anet... Thanks for PoF.


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Hey! It's probably a stupid post, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for all the effort and the love poured into PoF. I play with my husband (Who's a GW freak since prophecies) and it has really given a lot of surprises, laughs and a couple of tears. The zones are immersive, the music is glorious (Desert Highlands particularly), and we have really really enjoyed it and got a lot of moments out of the expansion already.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to LWS4.

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Well, I would like to join in (no "Excelsior" this time as I am typing as Tobias, not Zedexx)

I want to also say THANK YOU. The game in itself is beautiful and it takes some time to realize, because unlike, let's say BDO or FF14, this one has depth. If you go behind the facade, BDO is boring and stupid and FF14 is just fanservice (as innovative as microwave meals from the past 20 years of the franchise). In GW2, it took me like 4 weeks to get fully involved, but since I am playing alone, I always had a little flame but nothing that would ignite it so I would not play it for long or on a regular base. I often just logged on for a "night shift" at Verdant Brink and then buzz off. I liked HoT, I enjoy it more or less, don't get me wrong.

But now, Path of Fire really hits me hard. I am not quite sure what exactly does the trick for me, but I am having such a blast. First of all, I L O V E Deadeye. Every bit of it. Even the flaws as part of the profession's identity. Even using a Rifle. (Haha!) So I enjoy simply playing the game. But then, ArenaNet seem to really put a lot of commitmend into it. We have a dead serious story, but then you got Choyas tumbling around in their "town" with some funky ethnic ambience music. (I have the music off so it's kinda funny to hear a bit of muzak). So a perfect mix of whimsical and serious notes. You have such a variety of professions and subclasses all fit perfectly into the game. None of the jobs is becoming eye-rolling stupid (FF14s "Ninjas" are awkward Naruto ripoffs or pseudo-cool gunslinger pirates you can see in other games). The mounts feel SO GREAT, especially the Skimmer, it feels like being on an Auto scooter or ice rink but when you get used to all of your "pets" and how to ride them, it's kinda fun to manouver through the game. Dashing around with the Raptor and making traversing a map a little minigame or how to drift around harsh corners with the Skimmer without bumping into the environment of falling off a rope bridge.

The way we can move around almost free (yes yes, there are invisible walls) is super awesome and often rewarding. For one hero point, I took 30 minutes to get up the top (slowly sniping down Harpies one by one), then jumping a lot as if climbing the Mount Everest just to glide slowly onto the ledge. That odd rewarding feel old Tomb Raider games had. The mastery system does increase your characters abilities (or the mounts') and is, to me, a good long-time achievment. One day I will get trough the poison in HoT. x)

I could go on and on, but man, I Just charged €40 in gems yesterday to .. buy a highly priced item off the trading post because I am not a crafter.. But with the blast I am having it was worth because it adds a bit to the game's income and it's a form of appreciation, even though it's just a drop in the ocean - and some player just earned 550 Gold at once for selling a sniper rifle... But, yeah anyways,, the solo playability is great. So far, I am minding my own business and doing fine so far, but unlike real single player games, here is a whole layer of social gemplay behind I could join or take part in whenever I want. The pricing is very fair, the support is helpful, Gaile seem to be a very friendly type of person (which makes the whole company nice for me, talking about PR) and the servers are up and working for me 99.9% of the time.Sometimes I just pick up the Wiki and read around in the lore and such, there is so much behind this game and the franchise and I still hate that I really just overlooked it in 2012.

I would give the game with PoF a 11 out of 10. The German dubbing is top notch, our characters are really cool without trying to be cool.Since nobody of my buddies plays this game I can not say that out loud and just use this thread to vent a bit.If I would just get 60fps on my 1080/Ryzen 7 then I'd be even more happy........

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Beyond the aggro range and weirdo issues with certain achievements or collision physics...

I'm quite fond of PoF. The storytelling feels more coherent (fingers crossed for Season 4), I love what I've tried of the new elite specs, the music is fantastic.And of course, mounts. I can't say more than has been said already, but they are a joy to use everywhere (that isn't sealed with what-the-huh invisible walls).

For those saying there's nothing to do, I call shenanigans. I still have a ton of elites to start, weapon collections to do, and from there, I'm sure some new content will spring up, or I'll find other things to work on. I still haven't finished the HoT legendaries I wanted (even if it means more blaaagh trips into WvW, now with gliders!).

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