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In a WvW match, Thief Stealth Does Not Work on Legendary Effects. Exploitable?


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I was on a lvl 80 soulbeast, and at the end of a fight with a thief, as they were running away in stealth, they used shortbow skill 5. I was able to determine where they were going by following the legendary trail effect of their shortbow (The Dreamer), where it shoots unicorns instead of arrows. This allowed me to kill them.

Please fix this. If you don't, then all thief characters with legendary bows will be killed in stealth, which defeats the entire purpose of that mechanic.

Settings that may matter:High res character textures are on. Effect LOD on.Character model quantity set to medium and quality set to high.

Edit:Also, while this could possibly have just been a one off, it did happen, and if it continues to happen, it'll be detrimental to the entire thief playerbase, as well as other classes who have stealth.Edit 2:Just found out this isn't a bug, which is worse. Why do we have legendary projectiles showing during stealth.

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