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Changes to Toughness/Vitality/Endurance

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Edit - I posted a more comprehensive summary of the attribute changes I'd like to see, so this one is kind of redundant now.

This would be a pretty big systemic change, but I think it should be seriously considered -

I think that toughness and vitality are both handled in a wonky/half-kitten fashion, which is one of the reasons defensive stats are not competitive in the slightest with offensive ones even though there are only two.

Toughness/Armor should mitigate all types of damage (though a smaller % with conditions) which would counter sustained damageVitality should increase your endurance regeneration, which would counter burst damage

Static health bonuses are really pretty unnecessary (especially with new barrier mechanic), and arguably detrimental to the overall system due to the way it counters healing scaling (which is another problem the game has). I would advocate a slight increase in base health for all professions, and then tie % health bonuses to secondary effects like runes/sigils/food (probably swapping out the current +endurance effects).

There would have to be a decent amount of balance adjustments, such as nerfing Vigor (arguably needed anyway, a 50% buff from a single boon is kinda OP), but I honestly think it would ultimately result in a much more polished and cohesive system than what we have now with the defensive attributes playing a more relevant role in customizing builds.

Toughness could also arguably reduce the duration of control effects to make it even more interesting/desirable.

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