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[NA][FEAR] Weekend Raiding Guild - Recruiting for Static


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About Us

Phobos Guild [FEAR] is a weekend raiding guild that was founded in late July of 2020. We are a tight-knit, raid-focused guild with one static team. Our main goal is to complete all raid achievements now and in the future when Cantha is released. Since the start of the guild, we have obtained all raid achievements except one: Dhuum CM. At this time, our main focus is to defeat Dhuum CM.

Raid Days and Times

Saturday: 8pm - 12am ESTSunday: 8pm - 11pm EST

We occasionally schedule off-night activities during the weekdays. Off-night activities typically start at 8pm EST and last approximately 2 hours. Expect off-night activities to occur much more frequently after Dhuum CM is defeated.


We are always looking for talented, multi-role players who value their own performance, are team players, and are able to regularly make our raid days and times. Right now, we are particularly interested in a player who is comfortable kiting/g2 on Dhuum CM.


Please message me in-game or send me an in-game mail.

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