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A "what if" in WvW


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What if there was a trap type of thing where you could activate it to disable enemy keep gates from working for their team for a brief time. Meaning for X seconds, you are unable to enter or exit your keep and go behind the walls.

How would that affect WvW, what do you think?

I can think of a few stuff that might happen.

  1. It would maybe force fights as people are forced to come out of the keep to keep the outside people alive (so that they dont potentially lose numbers
  2. The exact opposite, stragglers that were unfortunate enough would be sacrificed
  3. Mesmer (and I guess now necromancer) portals would become a thing to save the outside people and bring them in to defend making those professions kind of utility at times

What do you think?I dont care if it's a good or a bad idea or what you think of the idea itself because - it's never going to happen.

It's just a fun theorizing thing, like, what if. :smile:What strategies would emerge from that and would it be used at all?

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@acidic.4356 said:you could take it further, and allow us to put traps down in popular pve maps...lions arch for instance,, and if someone set off the trap, they cudnt enter wvw at all, :)

btw i think ur idea is stupid, and wvw needs less gimmicks, not more. no offence

None taken haha, this is just a theorizing thread, like I'm interested what would happen if that was the case, how would people maybe use it etc.

We all know nothing is going to actually be put into WvW like that, its largely stayed the same since release.

Though gliding and mounts did change it considerably.

@Sandzibar.5134 said:Id rather see boon removal / prevention traps :D

Don't we have classes for that? :tongue:Boon builds would be very mad about that haha!

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