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[EU] Druid looking to get into raiding


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I've been playing GW2 on and off for 5 years now and I feel I finally want to settle with a guild as the only class I really enjoy, I'm relatively inexperienced, only doing maybe 6 bosses with the crossroads before taking a break leading upto PoF for uni studies - but what I'm after is a fixed group of people to raid and have fun with, not a training guild or a LFG guild. I always feel I've done better in more tight knit groups from my heroic/mythic WoW days.

So yeah, if anyone has any offers I'm very open to hearing them, I also have asc viper's gear for condiSB/Condi Druid if needs be, but I'd prefer to learn/grow as a magi druid.

thanks for reading~

Edit: I should note I'm willing to play condiPS aswell, I'm mostly looking towards not multiclassing if I can, so I'd prefer a fixed spot support like Druid or CPS.

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