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Fun non-meta builds?

Al Masone.1274

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Today I'm curious about what kind of non-meta builds are used by necros these days.Personally, I want to get as close as possible to idea of the reaper as a durable front line threat, and that concept sadly is pretty far from what we tend to see in wvw and pvp these days. So I'm trying to make a sort of "battering ram" build, a version of the reaper that tries to stay in the frontline as much as possible, and rather than dealing tons of damage, acts as a meatshield/distraction while the rest of the team takes the win. I find I counter conditions pretty effectively, but if more than 5-6 guys focus me then I just crumble :(I know it's not meta, and it might even be contrary to many wvw strategies, but I would just like to be the one who takes most of the punishment for the team and just keeps going forward, and I think that thematically it would fit really well with the reaper.That said, what weird an/or out of the ordinary builds are you trying on your necros these days, and how effective or at least fun are they? Whether it's wvw, pvp or pve.

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My actual most successful roaming build is wanderer reaper that focuses on minimizing soft cc (speed of shadows and relentless pursuit picked both), on maximizing the benefit from decimate defenses (a ton of vulnerability sources) and on ferocity from onslaught and death perception. It is the only build that can sustain the current soulbeast and immob druid cancer in wvw and has a chance to win. Such a build is also extremely durable in zerg fights. No problem to use it in the front line.

If ranger wouldn't exist I would actually roam on the marauder BM, SR, reaper pvp metabuild (but with GS and not staff!), which is a good mix of damage and sustain and only lacks instant burst against thieves.

What is underrated is well of darkness combined with nightfall (GS4). Used both in one build and placed intelligently these are great to avoid a lot of damage (roughly 10s of blind fields each 30s).

Speed Rune is a must pick these days. As long as other classes have access to it, reaper has to use it, because otherwise the fight is an instant loss. This rune almost nullifies the impact of soft cc (which is part of the reaper class mechanic) on the target.

I experimented a good 20 hours last week with condi reaper builds, but they are all not viable against any meta build played by an at least mediocre player.

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In WvW I still enjoy zerk core Necro with Staff + Axe/Focus, Flesh Wurm, Spectral Ring, Spectral Walk, Lich Form, Spite/Soul Reaping/Curses and Strength runes.

Yes I understand some people consider such a build to be suicide, but I have plenty of fun and success with it and have been using it for so long that I'm very comfortable with it. Not a lot of things can survive my damage and I know how to kite well enough not to get immediately blown up even in outnumbered fights. Some fights just aren't doable depending on what I'm dealing with, like one shot-type Thieves, memebeasts, good Revenants, etc., but everything has a hard time with something, so I don't mind.

I don't necessarily recommend trying this build because it is highly punishing and has a lot of losing/difficult match ups, but it's something to consider as I very rarely see core Necros playing glassy. To be honest, I'm one of the only people I can think of that plays this way... Of all my hours in WvW I've met maybe 2 others. Every other core Necro is condi, Signet, super tanky, hybrid, or Minion Master.

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My WvW time is non-existent right now but have you tried routinely dropping Flesh Wurm before heading to the front line and using it to return after laying out the AoE? Wait on cool-down and repeat.

You might also add Spectral Walk and Spectral Ring, too. Core, Reaper and Scourge can all use this and Scourge also has a short teleport.

Although more risky, you can try a combination of Wurm to get you past the line of skirmish and Walk to return. I have not tried this in a very long time, though.

No one can expect not to be bagged when focused by 5 or 6 players without a mobility trick or two so accept your fate graciously if it happens.

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Personally I don't really like the Wurm because it is such a cheap tactic. I'd rather die fighting after the opponents have thrown everything they have at me, than run away all the time. Spectral walk on the other hand feels quite mandatory most of the time, since it does a lot of stuff, and it's one of the best tools to keep up with the rest of team during a teamfight. I do try other things from time to time.Spectral walk and ring are strong and useful abilities, the only thing I dislike is that they have a pretty long CD.Not that I never use them, I just like to switch every now and then to try stuff and get some variance.

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