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Black Lion Universal Outfit Ticket

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The latest BL Universal Outfit tickets says it is good up to the Queensdale Academy Outfit. I am guessing this means outfits released prior to the Queensdale Academy Outfit but where is a chronological list of outfits? This isn't something I track. Was the Queensdale Academy Outfit the latest outfit so this means the ticket will open any of the gem store outfits?

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@"Randulf.7614" said:Whilst I don't think a chronological list exists, this is nearly up to date (scroll down to "contents"). It doesn't yet show the Queensdale Academy Outfit, but pretty much everything else is there. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Black_Lion_Outfit_Voucher

Can you not preview the possible exchange options before confirming selection?

Thank you!

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